Project Encourage

Kindness doesn’t cost a thing – Sprinkle it everywhere

EDSgroupCathy is a proud member of the Coeur Sports Triathlon Team. Coeur means heart & courage in French, and aside from designing unique and high performing training clothing, the company is simultaneously encouraging and inspiring women to live a lifestyle of health and fitness.

Being part if this group has served as a constant reminder to add extra heart or coeur at every opportunity. This means much more than digging deep and being mentally tough while racing or training,  it’s also that heart is at the center of the community and the friendships you find in sport. Cathy is blessed to have met some of her best friends through sport, and for this reason, it has influenced her desire to motivate and encourage others to participate and find joy this way.

Simply, Cathy is passionate about helping people feel good. As a certified health and performance Coach, she’s currently partnering with various companies, schools and local clubs to encourage people to love and respect their body, to strive to be their best self, all while enjoying a balanced and fulfilling life.Coeurlogo (1)

“However you give, do it with your full heart, soul, and effort”

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